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Feared teacher shortage averted
But gaps in some subjects remain

From Canadian Press
May 25, 2005

The overall shortage of teachers in Ontario is now history although some gaps remain, the province's licensing body said today.

The Ontario College of Teachers cited new data that show an increase in the number of new educators entering the profession along with falling retirement rates.

It also said fewer teachers are leaving the profession in the early years of their careers.

However, shortages remain in specialties such as French, physics, chemistry, math, business studies and technological education, the college said.

Eight years ago, the college first warned of a looming crisis in the supply of qualified teachers.

It urged the government to fund 10,000 extra spaces over five years in the province's faculties of education.

"We're pleased to say that government and teacher faculty response to the situation helped to attract the high quality teachers Ontario's students required," college registrar Doug Wilson said in a statement.

The challenge now is to ensure new teachers find full time work, Wilson said.