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October 23, 2017
Greater Essex ETFO Fall Dinner

Approximately 105 teachers attended our annual Fall Dinner, including some Honorary Life Members.

ETFO First Vice President Karen Brown Campbell brought provincial greetings and gave a provincial update including about our current political action campaign.

Donations for the House of Sophrosyne were collected. The amount donated by teachers is being matched by our local executive to further support this great cause.

Our local 2017-18 budget was approved by those in attendance, including the allocated amounts for the amazing work that our standing committees will undertake this year.

There was a musical component to our evening where teachers shared their passion for music by singing and playing instruments. What a treat! Thank you to those members.

We dedicated some time at our Fall Dinner to remembering ETFO’s history and the achievements that were gained through teacher solidarity. Looking back, we recognize that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, of those who showed us the power of solidarity in action. A short video tracing the history of Teacher Unions in Ontario can be viewed here.

Many thanks go to our Social Committee for all their work and preparation in making this Fall Dinner such an elegant success. Your efforts and time are very much appreciated.