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June 1, 2012

Public Education Rally #1 - MPP Teresa Piruzza’s office

Blackburn News

Adelle Loiselle

Teachers across Windsor-Essex hope others will heed their call and join their fight for fair collective bargaining.

Their unions say the provincial government has launched “an unprecedented attack” on their collective agreements and isn’t negotiating in good faith. The Elementary Teachers Federation and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation walked away from the bargaining table saying the government was more interested in imposing wage freezes and other cost-cutting measures than it was in negotiating a new collective agreement. The current agreement expires August 31st.


President of ETFO’s Windsor-Essex chapter, Adelina Cecchin, says teachers are willing to help cut the provincial deficit, “but what we need to do is have an approach where we’re willing to look for solutions, as oppose to discord. We’re willing to see where we can find some monies to pay off these things, but that can’t happen if we’re not at the table having open and honest dialogue.” She says the teachers’ greatest fear is once concessions are made, those gains will never be recouped for future generations of teachers.

Rallying outside Windsor-West MPP Teresa Piruzza’s office yesterday, they called on teachers across Ontario and others in the public sector, to hold their own rallies.







For information on upcoming rallies, members can visit the Special Events page.