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February 12, 2012
Response to the Drummond Commission's Report

Screen Capture of Provincial Video Response to Drummond ReportProvincially, there has been much talk about the Drummond Commission and its report that will be released Wednesday, February 15. The Liberal government appointed economist Don Drummond to examine public services and possible cuts that can be made. Such cuts are sometimes referred to as "efficiencies".

This report is not yet public information, but there has been speculation that the recommendations might include cutting, or put on hold, the new full day kindergarten initiative and eliminating the primary class size cap, currently 20 students to 1 teacher.

If these two recommendations are in the report, and are implemented, they will impact elementary public education.

All local presidents have been called to a special pre-meeting starting Tuesday, February 14. The previously scheduled collective bargaining training conference will continue to unfold on February 14 and 15.

Sam Hammond, provincial president, has released a video message for all members at

Greater Essex ETFO's President, Adelina Cecchin and First Vice President, Mario Spagnuolo have already begun to advocate on behalf of our local members. They have recently met with MPP for Essex, Taras Natyshak and MPP for Windsor-West, Teresa Piruzza to discuss this upcoming round of negotiations.

These discussions centered not only some of our bargaining priorities, but especially focussed on alternative solutions in this climate of cutbacks. These proposed solutions would not only generate potential savings, they would respond to some of our priorites (class size, workload) without increasing cost to the current deficit that exists. Our local office continues to build these political relationships with growing emphasis on possible solutions.