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May 31, 2011
May Teacher of the Month - Joanne Pizzuto

Teacher of the MonthWritten by Darin Carroll at Dr. David Suzuki Public School

Joanne is a JK/SK teacher at Dr. David Suzuki Public School. She works in a positive and professional manner with a team of two other teachers and an E.A. in the JK/SK rooms at Dr. David Suzuki Public School.

Joanne works tirelessly at planning and implementing a sound educational program that is play-based, inclusive, and rich in oral language opportunities (not to mention fun for the children).

Joanne has been teaching kindergarten for a number of years and has positively shaped the lives of hundreds of young children. On several occasions, I have heard parents comment on how proud and pleased they are to have Mrs. Pizzuto (or to have had Mrs. Pizzuto) as their child’s teacher. Everyone always has something nice to say about her teaching expertise and her strong commitment to early childhood education.

Joanne is always planning creative, fun, purposeful, and meaningful activities for her students. She is a firm believer in experiential learning and takes her students on monthly educational field trips so that they can learn first hand about things. Her understanding of teaching and learning at the early childhood level is exemplary.

Joanne is an Associate/Mentor teacher who gives a lot of her time to share her broad knowledge base and practical insights. Joanne is highly committed to pre-service and in-service education and has taught a number of ETFO courses including the ETFO kindergarten AQ. She has also presented at the Faculty of Education and is currently involved with ETFO provincially sharing her expertise on the development of curriculum as it relates to the kindergarten program.

Joanne and her team share their expertise by acting as a demonstration site for other teachers to come in to see their pedagogy in action.

Mrs. Pizzuto is passionate about what she does and she does so much for the children she teaches. She genuinely shares her excitement about learning with her students. The students who she teaches are very lucky to have such a caring, thoughtful, and adept teacher who creatively, enthusiastically, and positively impacts their lives.

Joanne’s colleagues have taken notice of her commitment to education. She acts as a professional role model for us all. I am very lucky to work with such wonderful educators at Dr. David Suzuki Public School. Joanne is yet another example of a highly professional and dedicated teacher who has a wealth of information to share. She is simply the best!